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Our specialty is fresh organic pasta
 Choose your Pasta Entree below,
then choose your noodle:
 Angel Hair, Spaghetti, Linguine, Fettuccine, or wheat/egg free
Pasta Entrees- Our meals are served with an organic green salad, red onion - poppy seed vinaigrette & fresh-made organic bread. The chicken we serve is fed organically and is free range.  
1. Roasted Olive Toss  slow roasted black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, basil & garlic  Served with a side of Parmesan   $8.25
  tofu $9.25
  chicken $10.25
2. Garlic Caper Sauce whole fresh garlic roasted for hours in pure olive oil then  blended with Italian capers, served with a side of Parmesan   $8.25
  bay shrimp $9.75
  chicken $10.25
3. Julie's Toss fresh pasta tossed with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes & garlic   $8.25
  artichoke hearts $9.25
4.  Basil Walnut Pesto organic basil, walnuts, garlic & olive oil.    Served with a side of Parmesan   $8.25
  tofu $9.25
  smoked salmon $9.75
  chicken $10.25
5.  Marinara rich organic tomato & herb sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese   $8.25
  Italian meatballs $9.75
  chicken $10.25
6.  Alfredo deliciously rich & creamy sauce made with olive oil, cream, egg yolk,  Parmesan and garlic   $8.25
  smoked salmon $9.75
  bay shrimp $9.75
  chicken $10.25
7.  Mildly Spicy Hunan tamari, garlic, ginger & red pepper sauce with veggies   $8.25
  tofu $9.25
  chicken $10.25
Mission Statement
It is our pleasure to bring to the community
some of the things we value most;
a comfortable atmosphere where folks can enjoy
quality food that is reasonably priced.
It is important for us to offer a choice of organic food;
for the well being of our bodies,
as well as taking a step toward nurturing the Earth
We would like to thank our family and friends,
who have helped bring this restaurant to fruition.
Our customersı smiles and appreciation make it a joy to be here.

"Try not.  Do, or do not."     YODA

Wiley's World
Pasta Shoppe & Eatery
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